Quick Thought from Kongming: Stuff that's out!

It's like some kind of mind-blowing newsy post!

Except none of it is particularly news - just stuff that's caught my attention and/or stuff I'm particularly interested in. Also a couple of downloads for you lucky people ;)

Angel Beats! audio skits
In no particular order, first up! Mad props go to Mazui for subbing the audio commentaries and/or skit collection from Angel Beats. As you will most likely already know, I'm in love with everything to do with this show and these skits are some of the most hilarious things I've heard in a long time. Enjoy!

Dawn of War 3
Up next we have a brief insight into Dawn of War 3. Big fan of the first two games + expansions and hopefully the third one will be at least as good if not better. Still uncertain about the previous quote from devs: "going to be more like an MMO". We'll have to wait and see I suppose. Article comes from PC Gamer.


Another big event for me this week has been remembering that the third volume of the FAIRY TAIL original soundtrack was released a week ago. Good times. This anime has one of my favourite OSTs of all time - brilliant blend of genres, great instrumentation and even homages to old classics. A particular favourite of mine is from Volume 1 of the soundtrack: 'Dignified - Rock version', which is essentially just a rocked-up version of 'Land of Hope and Glory' which I'm sure we can all appreciate!

You can listen to it all here
I'll even throw in a download for you, if you're a fan of either FAIRY TAIL or just good music.

Shippuuden Opening + Download
Also on the music scene is the  latest Naruto Shippuuden opening song, 'Lovers' by 7!! (Seven oops). One of my favourites thus far I must say; incredibly catchy. For the download I'll refer you to Shinnoden which is where I get most of my anime-related music from. Big fan of that blog :)

There's probably a whole heap of other exciting stuff I've forgotten to share as well, but this post was a little on-the-fly - I just got too excited with all my downloads going on!

Unlikely to do a regular one of these, but hopefully I can be trusted to post anything awesome that comes my way.


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