Über-bargain: Team Fortress 2 is now free!

That's right folks, "The best war-themed hat simulator on the market" can now be downloaded and played to the heart's content for absolutely no cost. Aside from your soul of course. Thusly I present a 'Top 5' list of reasons why one would indulge.

1) It has hats!

In fact this salient detail is rarely overlooked, but it's definitely worth reiterating. Hats people! Has there ever been a niftier invention? Not to mention if you own practically any game on Steam it is more than likely that that in itself will have earned you at least one hat to redeem in TF2. True, they are purely cosmetic additions to a game which didn't need them at all, but they're so damn cool! The introduction of hats and other decorative items has bred a subculture within the TF2 community dedicated to finding, trading, crafting and wearing the expansive variety of these the game has on offer. You can count it as a sort of side-quest within the wider world of the competitive FPS. And did I mention you can stack the hats?!

2) It's free!

And who in their right mind can say no to that? Setting aside the "economy is going down the toilet" speech, this game is one of the most critically acclaimed online titles in history and you no longer have to pay for it. Why would you not at least give it a try? You literally have nothing to lose!*

*Do not blame me when you lose a vast amount of time being addicted to this game, nor if you end up spending a fortune on the aforementioned hats

3) Valve have tried their damnedest, dammit!   

Yes indeed. When it comes to most products or services that I involve myself with, I can rarely say that I'm not both embarrassed and ashamed with regard to that product/service's public appearance, i.e. its advertising campaigns or what other people think of it in general. Not for TF2 though. First off I don't think I've ever heard a bad word said against it (except maybe about the hats), but its main appeal lies in the famous shorts put together at Valve. I refer, of course, to the "Meet the..." series. This is the area in which Valve surpass all others. Just go watch them already, then try and keep yourself from playing this (FREE) game.

4) It's hilarious fun!

Completely apart from the customisation element (did I mention it has hats?), TF2 excels in both quality and hilarity. Running on the trusty source engine, the gameplay is as solid as you can ask for -  the hitboxes actually work, which is a swerve for Valve - but the real fun comes from the huge variety of ways in which you can viciously murder one another. In the course of a single game you'll see people decapitated by angry Scotsmen with swords, arrows flying all over the place from snipers equipped with the Huntsman, people getting punched-out by heavies wielding the K.G.B (aka the Killing Gloves of Boxing) along with what would be considered more effective methods such as your classic rocket launchers, flamethrowers, knives to the back etc. Also you can hadouken people to death.

5) I play it. And rock out! 
Come join us on the /CD/ servers sometime; info found here

So what on earth are you waiting for? ....What's that? The download? It's like 10GB? Ah. Well. Wait for that, but nothing else I tells ya!



  1. I am honoured to endorse this post with my appearance in two of the screenshots. Go play TF2, so I can heal you and/or set you on fire.

  2. You truly are a lucky man to have been graced so.

  3. Very much so. A lucky man to have the pleasure of playing with you!