A challenger approaches.....Mashirafen?

What is this?! Not related to Super Smash Bros. at all I'm afraid, though sort of important in the grand blogging scheme of things. Essentially I'm trying to come up with a dramatic way of introducing a new author on the blog, but it's not coming to be right now. So here it is:


So I'm starting university in just under two months (gulp) and I'm starting to focus a bit on how that's all going to pan-out - which I'll probably post about at some point - not to mention I'm a bit behind on my anime, and as such have been neglecting my gaming a bit, let alone my gaming writing. As I'm sure you'll have noticed this blog has been a bit anime-heavy despite me promising a nice mix. This being the case, I've decided to employ Mashirafen as a fellow writer on this here blog to even it out a bit (if we're lucky).

I've been gaming with my man Mashi for longer than I care to remember now - a friendship that blossomed from a little Jedi Academy mod known as Movie Battles 2 - and thus can vouch for him; he is certainly wittier than I, at the very least. So Mashi is going to be writing about various things: gaming, LPs (as in 'Let's Play's, not 'Long-Playing's), his life which is infinitely more interesting than mine, and a whole heap of other stuff. Y'all be nice to him now.

So without much further ado, there should be a post that I forced him to write whilst slightly inebriated.


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