QTfromK: Decisions, decisions

So now that I have nothing to do with my life until Uni starts up, I'm finding that seeing as I have more time "free" I find myself with more things to do and as such less overall time to be doing them. If that makes sense....probably not. Either way, I'm having to make a lot of decisions with regard to what I want to do with my allotted time before I go back to having it dictated for me again. The above 'I Fight Dragons' fanart seemed appropriate for this post.

"What shall I do today?" A thought that now constantly haunts me. Whilst I'm not at all fussed about not achieving anything "meaningful" with all the spare time I have, I'm still nagged by the feeling that I could be spending it in a more constructive way, or at least a way which I may be more inclined to pursue had I initially followed that path. Even small decisions plague my thoughts at the moment - the most notable being, of course, what games to play.

I haven't gamed all that much in recent times, and that is because of this simple dilemma. I have a hefty amount of games installed on my computer currently, ranging from solely single-player to solely multiplayer, and each of them vies for my attention. Even if I somehow came to the decision that I'm going to play a game (which is arduous enough as it is) I can never choose what to go for. Some Dragon Age 2 maybe? Portal 2 perhaps? Or should I be a bit more sociable and hop in TF2? In essence it all boils down to this - I can never choose, and so end up going back to my default/mainstay: anime.

I'm not saying I don't enjoy my anime, of course, but there are other things I want to do which I never find the time for because I feel obliged to pick up all of these shows each season. Even though I've been particularly critical this time round and dropped an unprecedented amount of series, I can't find the space I might otherwise want.

Although people often tell you to avoid doing so as it might lead you to become stuck in a rut, I've fallen into a routine as of late - get up, watch some anime, have lunch, play some piano, learn some Hiragana (hence the picture), post to this blog, have tea, watch some more anime, maybe play some games, sleep. Not exactly packed with what one might call "fulfilling" activities, but being as afraid of choice as I am it's good to know where I stand in a day.

I have now just begun looking at a TF2 video projecty thing with Mashirafen this afternoon, which will take quite a lot of effort it seems. Where I'm going to find the time for that I do not know (another phrase I find myself using a lot nowadays), despite knowing within myself that I don't really have anything of note planned. It's like how I would like to go and see Arietty at the cinema now that it's finally been released over here, and yet without the pressures of actual scheduled activities or plans with substance it seems harder to actually commit to these things.

So that was my little ramble about not very much. Now, I must be off - time to waste!



  1. Surely it wouldn't take that much effort...hell, I'd do it myself if I had the disk space to even render all of the demos into workable video files! D;
    When it comes to deciding on a game I find the best option is to just go with whichever one comes to you first, even if there are multiple ones you feel like. If after playing for a bit you find yourself still yearning for a different one, go for that one instead and so on.

  2. Just got the recording for the video done, editing comes next :/

    Thing is though, when most of your games are listed in Steam they all hit you at the same time!