Status Update: Usagi Drop and other misc.

Status updates are for bloggers what Top Gear is for Dave - an easy way of filling up space and time. But there were a few half-baked things I fancied putting out there, so to avoid forgetting all about them by tackling them one at a time I'll post them under the vague category of "Status Update". Then everyone's happy, surely?

So as the more clued-up of you may know from the above picture, I've been watching Usagi Drop this season. Or, more accurately, I've been loving Usagi Drop this season. Every season I tend to have a bit of a quota/checklist when it comes to new shows to help decide what to watch. I'll have as standard one series of mindless fun, one promising shounen, one nice show, if I'm feeling up to it one guilty pleasure (i.e. harem) and then a whole heap of stuff which will hopefully turn out to be good. It's probably quite easy to see which category Usagi Drop fits into - it takes niceness to an extreme.

It's really quite hard to describe it using a word other than "nice". Just watching it feels pleasant, relaxing and enjoyable, even if you end up not paying close attention to what's happening on screen. As a brief, spoiler-free synopsis, Usagi Drop is about a single working guy (Daikichi) who ends up taking care of a six-year-old girl (Rin, above). The circumstances of the premise are slightly on the odd side, but the closest comparison I can draw for the content of the show is to, surprisingly enough, '5 Centimetres Per Second'. It has the same relationship-focussed style in which you see characters' lives play out and, whilst there aren't specifically that many 'events' covered, you get the feeling of progression and the satisfaction that comes with it. For a series that features a six-year-old it feels quite mature, and there are some interesting themes tackled in it - themes which I'm sure are being faced by people all around the world in their own daily lives.

In short it's just a beautiful show - in both art and content - and I really recommend you watch it. One of the standouts this season for me at least, and I'll probably bring you more on it as it draws to a close. So on to some random stuff.

I guess on a slightly related note I'll once again return to 5CPS. It really is impossible to escape it once you're hooked, even when you've lent the DVD to your brother in Sheffield...but anyway, this concerns the music more than the film. As is my wote, I printed off a ton of piano sheet music last week including four pieces from the 5CPS soundtrack by Tenmon. Not quiet mastered any of them yet, but I'm getting there. It really is a good feeling when you start to do justice to a piece you know and love. I've really been getting into my piano music in recent times, particularly from soundtracks, and I've just been inundated by a ton of it from my man Jo, so popular music is taking a backseat these days.

Also worth noting, is that 'One More Time, One More Chance' from the same soundtrack has managed to push Aaron Watson off my Top 25 Most Played after his long spell at the top, and only after a week or so after first hearing it. 'Kiss' from the soundtrack is also approaching the list very quickly.

Blood Stain Child has been ousted as well, by the fabulous 'Come On! Swing All Stars' by YMCK.
YMCK are a brilliant Japanese group, and you should check them out. I Fight Dragons also list them under their influences, so how cool is that?

And now, despite my cunning plan of posting everything in one go, I've forgotten most of the other stuff I wa going to say. Way to go me. I've polished off Hiragana now, and am starting Katakana soon enough is one thing. And I guess the other thing of note is that the one-and-only Mashirafen is coming down to Birmingham next week, riots permitting, so that we may meet face-to-face for the first time. Should be a...*looks around suspiciously*...riot!

There's another daily dose of Kongming for you. Hopefully in the next few days I can bring you my new TF2 video, but for now you can check out my other videos including a new Day of Defeat one by visiting my channel here or by clicking the link on the right-hand side.


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