A little of everything is better than a whole heap o' nothin'

So in the absence of me making regular posts as of late (reasons to be explained) this post should outline pretty much everything that is happening in my life right now. It will be disappointingly short to accomplish such a task.

Read on after this picture of Chewbacca dog:

First and foremost, I've been working. I know it's hard to imagine, and I can hardly say I'm particularly productive there, but it's true. Seeing as it's data entry (along with other impossibly menial tasks) I am on the brink of suicide, though it pays incredibly well so I suppose that makes up for it and considering I was charged ridiculous amounts of money for customs on my shiny new Angel Beats wall scroll I could do with every penny. Reverting to a vaguely sensible sleeping pattern whilst I've been working, though, has somehow left me more tired than I ever was with my bizarre-yet-functional 9am til 3am waking hours, which is somewhat of a mystery. Damned Y2K.

Alas a side effect of earning money is falling behind still further on this season's anime, so it will be a little while before I can get posts up on those again which is a shame. What I can say though is that Tiger & Bunny remains a brilliant series. Steins;Gate pulled another weird move on us though - just when I thought it had reached an unsatisfying, although sensible, conclusion suddenly Suzuha phones up and heralds the news of World War III. I got a bad feeling at that point, seeing as the series had just come to a natural close and now they were starting an entirely new plot with only two episodes to go, but I must say that the quality of the following episode dispelled those doubts. Whilst the plot itself still doesn't really make any sense, this is to be expected. Plus, how awesome is future Okabe?! El Psy Congroo.

It's been so long since I've seen any of the other ones from this season I can't really comment. Usagi Drop is still very enjoyable and heartwarming for sure. At this rate Fullmetal Alchemist, K-ON!, Cowboy Bebop and the others are like distant fantasies. I will make time for them once I get to uni.

That's another thing I guess - I move to Nottingham on the 25th of this month, with freshers' week starting the day after. I'd like to say that preparation for such things is another thing that has occupied my time, but I'm drastically under-prepared for such an ordeal. Heck, I don't even know what I'm supposed to have been preparing! It'll probably turn out ok though. Today I finally found out where I'm going to be living for the next year and I registered online to confirm that I'm actually going. Worryingly, whilst the pre-check for the network came out clear it won't let me pre-register to get my PC on to the interwebs. Hopefully it will work once I'm actually there, otherwise I'm going to fall into a depressive state very rapidly. I also have the opportunity to tell my personal tutor a little bit about myself before I go, and am undecided about whether or not to disclose my crippling social ineptitude. Maybe it's presupposed on a physics master's course...

GAMES. I HAVE TOO MANY. This is an epiphany I reached a little while back. I haven't finished Dragon Age 2, I haven't finished Portal 2 - these are the main travesties - and I have a ton of other things installed on this machine that are vying for my attention. Most recently is the beta for Red Orchestra 2. Unfortunately the game is very buggy, but if you can get a game in then you can see through it all to the thrilling core underneath; hopefully this is what the game will be whittled down to by release. The music's brilliant and atmospheric, the random snippets of taunts from the soldiers are hilarious, and although I'm really quite bad at the game it creates the feeling that you're actually in a war. One thing that really bugs me though: if my ironsights are over you and I click then you should die. You can go for 'realism' and the like all you want, but if you've created a game where you don't shoot where you click then you've gone wrong somewhere. Oh, and then there are the times where you click and absolutely nothing happens. Can't tell if this is supposed to be 'realistic' gun jamming (which should be indicated at least by a sound guys, come on) or if it's just an infuriating bug. Either way, the game is good. I recommend it. Man I wish loads of really amazing-looking games weren't coming out imminently....

It seems only fair that I now turn to recent musical discoveries/obsessions of mine. The prominent newcomer artist would have to be Stereopony: a three-piece Japanese all-girl rock band. They've got a great sound, and the lead vocals sound a lot like LiSA's (Yui's from GirlDeMo) on a number of occasions. In fact the sound is quite comparable to a lot of the GirlDeMo stuff. Check them out.
Then if we have an artist of the moment we might as well have a single of the moment, which is without a doubt 'The Geeks Will Inherit the Earth' by I Fight Dragons. I believe it was released last Tuesday, and it has already shot up to 3rd in my 'Top 25 Most Played'. If I could have a soundtrack to my life, this song would provide it.

Kudos to Carlos (lolrhyme) for the amazing art as ever

It occurs to me I've only talked about manga on this blog once previously, so I shall remedy that now. The Naruto manga is cool. Note: I'm not saying anything that necessarily denotes quality, as it's been a bit ridiculous as of late, though that being said it is still infinitely better than the anime which is still bogged-down in filler. I wish it was just consistent with itself at least, if not logic. Perhaps that's too much to ask. On a completely different end of the spectrum is the 'The World God Only Knows' manga, which I love to bits. This last big arc has been amazing, and continues to be so. I've seen lots of people in different places hating on this series as of late, and I'm not exactly sure why. I mean fair enough if you don't like over-exaggerated art then it might not be your cup of tea, but there's nothing I can see which you can actually criticise that's not stylized. In the world of 'actual' literature, I just finished Robert Harris' 'Lustrum' for those of you into that sort of thing. Brilliant book, follows on from 'Imperium' which is also a must-read. Plus I read half of Coraline at work today - if it's not busy tomorrow I'll finish it.

Well that post was more than a little random. Hope some part of it was at least interesting though. Planning to get some more frequent posts up once I've finished work this week, including one on 'Blue Submarine No.6' which my good man Byran recommended to me. Peace out y'all.


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