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So how about that university lark eh? I can tell you one thing for free, and that's that it's very very hard to find enough free time to watch any anime, let alone post about it on this here blog! Thankfully though (I suppose) there's just been a whole load of dross this season, and so it hasn't been too hard to stay on top of it with an episode here and there. Without further ado, then, here's what I've been watching, reading and stuff:

Fairy Tail!

Man, how I love this series. It just gets better and better. You know when you'll catch the first episode or two of a series and be slightly underwhelmed, and not know whether to carry it on or not? And then maybe if you did drop it you'll end up hearing from other people how amazing the series gets later on? Don't let that happen with Fairy Tail, I almost did.
New characters that are introduced are always interesting and have cool, unique magic of their own and conclusions are always reached in new and exciting ways. Whilst there are still a fair number of your typical shounen moments in there, Fairy Tail seems to avoid the cliches as much as possible (when it's not mocking them, of course). I've recently caught up on the manga, hence the picture above, and it really surprised me to see just how close the anime is running behind it - Naruto, take notes on how to do this. When the first volume of DVDs comes out in February, or whenever it is, I'll definitely be picking it up, and that's despite my practice of generally not getting long-running series on DVD!
Watch this thing.


I tell you what I most definitely HAVEN'T been watching? Because it's the freaking Naruto anime. SORT YOURSELF OUT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. There's a gargantuan gap between where the anime's at and where the manga's at, and yet the show's running slower than a snail with a hangover. It's still slap-bang in the middle of a filler arc as far as I can tell, but I haven't seen anything since the last tiny snippet of exposition so I wouldn't be able to tell you for sure - I've missed an entire new opening, that just goes to show how much I don't care these days.
On the other hand, the manga is still keeping my interest. Granted they are drawing certain things out more than they need to, but this whole war arc has been fantastic and we're seeing some really cool fights. I can only hope that once the anime finally reaches this point that they can keep up the pace - particularly after they've been throwing this filler all over the place, otherwise I shall be mightily unimpressed.
Still good, but its place in my heart is quickly being stolen by Fairy Tail.

Bakuman 2

Bakuman still has me gripped, which is a surprise to me. It's still the supporting cast that's doing it for me though; Mashiro's character just makes no sense whatsoever and he infuriates me. First he'll do anything for whats-her-face, then next thing he'll be blurting out that manga is more important than her yadda yadda yadda. I sort of wish he would draw himself to death, at least he'd be doing something interesting for once. Even Shujin's character is beginning to bore me, and he was the one who originally endeared the series to me!
Watch the first series.


Who knows what the hell is happening in this show? I certainly don't, though I am two or three episodes behind at this point. Still as zany as ever, though I must say the show has been going downhill since the start. These days it's just getting more creepy and difficult to watch/take-in and less just utterly random. I can't even remember the last time I saw Himari's transformation sequence, and that's got to be a sign for the worst if ever there was one. It feels like the show has betrayed me - dragging me into its grasp with the immense first few episodes, and then slowly squeezing the life out of me as it progresses, knowing I can't escape its grip.
If you're up for a bit of awesome-crazy then watch the first 5 or 6 episodes, after that who knows what's going on...later episodes not for the faint-hearted maybe?

And now for a couple of little round-ups:

Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai / The World God Only Knows
The manga is still going incredibly strong here. When the story first started to rear its ugly head I didn't think there would be any way for it to compete with the amazing structure of the simple capture arcs, but MAN have I been proved wrong. This Goddesses/Vintage arc has been, for want of a less painfully pun-ful word, divine - probably my favourite manga of the moment, I just wish I didn't have to wait a whole week between installments!
Read it, watch it, love it. (There should be a third anime series hitting our screens at some point soonish)

As I said in my summary of the first episode, the second season still just looks like more of the same. Good thing I really like the same in this case, the show still has me laughing out loud which is a mean feat for sure.
Give the first series a look.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
What's that you cry? Why is this lunatic writing about Gurren Lagann now of all times?! Well it's our selected series for anime nights this semester so it seems only fair that I put something down about it here. For those of you not in the know Gurren Lagann is a shounen battle/mecha/comedy series thing. It's pretty freakin' sweet.
Go watch.

Ouran High School Host Club
Yes I have already seen Ouran, but we're watching this at anime night as well so same as above. Simple really: Girl disguised as a boy at incredibly rich/fancy school, gets forced into joining the Host Club in which guys entertain lady-guests. It's both hilarious and awesome. Also I found the complete boxset in HMV for only £12 the other day, so that's cool.
Go watch. And yeah, I'm probably recommending everything in this post aren't I....

SKET Dance
Another long-running show that has stolen my heart is the mighty SKET Dance. A comedy show that is actually funny - refreshing. There are some ongoing jokes so one may not want to dive straight into it in the middle, but I would heartily recommend going in from the start. I also hear very good things about the manga but I haven't had the time to get into that as yet, nor do I think I will find the time any time soon.

Well that was fun. I hope I'll get around to posting on here more often so I won't always have to make one of these type of posts rather than on anything specific. Really want to do a post on Magician's Academy at some point because that show needs to be shared with the world, so look forward to that I guess.


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