Autumn 2011: Some more first episodes!

I was much better organised when reviewing the first episodes from the summer season. I watched things as they came out, published everything at the same time, had notepad documents containing my thoughts etc. This time round not so much. This post contains the rest of the first episodes that I've seen since the last set, though for some of them it's been quite a while since I watched them and as such I may not remember them all too well. Anyway, let's get this over with!

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai 
Our protagonist was delt a sorry hand in life: he's blonde. As such he seems to be hated by everyone in the school he's just transferred into, and so has no friends to his name. Whilst wandering around feeling sorry for himself he comes across a girl in his class talking animatedly to an imaginary friend, which spurs a discussion about how neither of them can make friends and they're really lonely, yadayadayada. There then follows a sequence taken straight out of Haruhi in which the girl decides to make a club to suit their needs, called the 'Neighbours Club', where people can come to make friends. Hijinks ensue.
Without looking into who's behind this series you can tell the art seems to be taken straight out of Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko, which worked there to provide an other-wordly glimmer but I'm yet to be convinced it suits a (currently) 'ordinary' setting.
From the look of the OP/ED we may have a developing harem on our hands here folks, not that that's all too surprising. Is there any other type of show these days? Anyways I guess it could be fairly interesting, and each of the characters thus far seem to have their own little quirks, but I don't have particularly high hopes.
Will I keep watching?: Don't see myself sticking with it for the long-haul

Kimi to Boku 
Some high-schoolers go to school. Exciting times had by all. I think this one's supposed to be a comedy, but I found that hard to see from the first episode. There's the softy iffeminate guy, the guy who gets angry with all the other guys and, in this case, a pair of lethargic identical twins. The episode bore a couple of amusing moments, but considering not much of anything actually happened I don't think it'll be worth watching through for the occasional cheap laugh.
Will I keep watching?: One more episode...

What premise for a show has been abused more than the "Male student transfers into a school which until this year had been girls-only"? None, that's what. The twist on this one though is that it's actually some kind of freaky battle academy, i.e. lots of girl-on-girl fights with fanservice aplenty, if that's what floats your boat. Typical of your hopeless male protagonist, he didn't know what kind of school he was going to until he was challenged to combat in the opening ceremony - at which point he is rescued by, surprise surprise, a cutesy girl claiming to be his fiance who ends up sleeping next to him. Le sigh. If you really need to know any more, then there's also a female childhood friend character. That's right, you've seen this show before.
Will I keep watching?: What's the point? I know what happens already 

Mashiroiro Symphony: Love is Pure White 
As if you couldn't guess that this was a visual novel adaptation just from the title, it's blatantly obvious once the show starts. It has that telltale prologue, plus the line-up of girls with entirely discrete personalities. And did I mention that our protagonist is transferring into a school that until now was an all-girl school? *shakesfist*
As with many visual novels, we first spend time being introduced to the girl you can pursue who's actually directly related to you. I really don't get that. Not much really happens otherwise, except there's a maid at their new school, which is always fun, and all the girls and teachers already there seem to despise the idea of boys invading their space. Good times.
Will I keep watching?: I must say I give these shows more of a chance than they deserve, so probably for a little while longer 

I think there are a couple more shows this season that have just started, but I haven't gotten around to watching them yet. I doubt I'll do a write-up of them anyway, unless they're anything particularly special. Hopefully will be getting more interesting articles up on here at some point...

Peace out y'all,

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