First episode - Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle

Imagine you find yourself in a parallel universe. Everything seems exactly the same to how you know it back home, except puzzles are suddenly the coolest thing the world - there are worshiped puzzle-solving celebrities, puzzle clubs at school, the whole shebang. That's pretty much the setting for this show, strange though it may sound.

Episode synopsis: So we're introduced to our main character bloke who, as it turns out, is really good at solving puzzles. He then proceeds to solve multiple puzzles throughout the course of the episode (with the help of your typical tsundere childhood friend companion) until he gets given some kind of glowing puzzle-solving band of awesome power, as pictured above ^. Then he solves one last puzzle. Then the episode ends.

I quite like the art style, and the soundtrack is pretty funky (plus the OP is by May'n *squeals*), but I'm not exactly sure where they plan on taking this. We're sort of introduced to an incredibly evil school principle and school council president, but all they seem to be doing is setting puzzles. And all the protagonist seems to be doing is solving said puzzles. Where the excitement shall come from we will hopefully find out soon, and it shall hopefully be awesome.

Will I keep watching?: I'll give it a second episode to see where it's going

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